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Digital Outcomes 6 - What's still the same?

As you’ve probably seen, Digital Outcomes & Specialists no longer includes ‘specialists’. Even so, there’s plenty that hasn’t changed in Digital Outcomes 6!

Digital Outcomes 6 is due to open for applications on 14th January 2022. However, this time around, the framework will not be including Digital Specialists. This area will now be covered by the new Digital Specialists & Programmes (DSP) framework. Forming Outcomes as a framework in itself will allow further competition yet more niche.


What will the Lots look like?

Much of the DO6 framework is the same as the original Lot 1 in DOS that covered Digital Outcomes.

1. Digital Outcomes

  • Performance analysis and data
  • Security
  • Service delivery
  • Software development
  • Support and operations
  • Testing and auditing
  • User experience and design
  • User research


2. User Research Studios

  • Studio name
  • Studio address
  • Transport
  • Studio size
  • Viewing
  • Technical assistance
  • Hospitality
  • Facilities
  • Accessibility
  • Minimum hiring


3. User Research Participants

  • Participant characteristics
  • Assisted digital and accessibility requirements
  • Location
  • Number of research rounds
  • Number of participants per round
  • Research dates and times


Digital Outcomes 6 Application Process

As always, getting listed on Digital Outcomes 6 will be a straightforward process. All it will require is suppliers ensuring they can meet the requirements to be listed and bid on the opportunities via the framework.

When the application window opens, suppliers will have to make sure they complete their submission. All should be relatively straightforward if you can provide Digital Outcomes as required by the Public Sector.

How will DO6 operate once it’s Live?

We don’t expect the framework agreement to deviate from how it’s worked in the past. Once awarded a place, suppliers can respond and bid for the tender opportunities. Buyers will place an opportunity and in reply suppliers will have to compose 100-word responses to each requirement. Answers are evaluated using the MEAT criteria and successful bidders will be invited to Stage 2.

Stage 2 works a little differently and involves suppliers creating a proposal. The delivery is entirely down to the buyers’ requirements. So far we’ve seen written proposals, presentations, and more used through DOS.


Digital Outcomes 6 is due to open for applications on 14th January in time to go Live in the summer. If you’re considering getting on the framework, now is the time to think about where your value proposition sits! 

If you want to know more about Digital Outcomes 6, get in touch – or you can find all our up-to-date info on Digital Outcomes 6 here.

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