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Whether you’re just breaking into the public sector market or looking to improve your upstream activity, we can help you put your best foot forward.

Why should I consider frameworks in my strategy?

UK Government Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems are compliant, fair, and faster routes to market – that offer Buyers value for money.

  • £1.b

    £1.5bn+ won by our clients on G-Cloud and DOS alone.

    We don’t just help with the application stage, we support our clients with winning the business.

  • 71%

    71% of our clients are SMEs.

    We pride ourselves on working with majority smaller companies, helping level the playing field.

  • 704+

    704+ services listed across all frameworks

    And counting! We continue to get technology providers listed on valuable routes to market.

  • £14b

    £14bn+ ICT spend with UK Gov in 21/22

    Frameworks help unlock that potential revenue and give access to the market.

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