Access (ex-public sector buyer) bid specialists

Create a perfect bid strategy for your company

Our public sector bid specialists support tech suppliers with their bid processes, and help them gain more valuable contracts.

Supporting the end-to-end process

Our experts support you with the different aspects along the bidding journey. From helping you strategise, to qualifying opportunities, to reviewing successful or unsuccessful written responses.

Advice Cloud Bid Process

How do we help?

Procurement and bid experts at hand

We approach the demands of public sector bidding and tender responses from the perspective of being ex-public sector buyers. This means helping you to hit the right notes in your responses.

  • Minimum 3-draft review process

    Our experts will review at least 3 drafts of your bids and responses.

  • Dedicated red team reviews of your bids

    A process that mirrors actual framework criteria and Buyer evaluation methods.

  • Reinforcing your bidding processes

    We’ll help you build internal capability and share our knowledge and experience with your teams – building your bidding prowess.

  • Support with all government tender processes

    From pre-qualification questionnaires (PPQs) all the way to Invitations to Tender (ITTs). As well as support with RFIs (request for information) and RFPs (request for proposals) too. We also tackle the Social Value aspect of your written or presented responses!

  • Guaranteed compliant responses

    At the end of our review process, you’ll be submitting compliant and high-scoring bids. As well as make sure your processes are in top shape for future bids.

Partner with us for success with your public sector bids

Increase your shortlisting success rate

Our partnered bid review services have helped our clients increase their success rates by at least 33%, helping them get shortlisted more and win more public sector business.

  • 71%

    of our clients are SMEs

    Advice Cloud pride ourselves on supporting SMEs go further with their bids. With £227m+ won by our clients on Digital Outcomes & Specialists alone, they're getting involved.

  • Jay Keshur, COO, Appvia

    “Without Advice Cloud’s support we would not have had the success we had. With their expert help for Stage 1 - and most importantly Stage 2 - we were able to win both opportunities!"