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Technology frameworks make procurement easier and more rewarding, but are you using them effectively?

Avoid bid burnout

Reduce wasted time and increase your bid success for UK Gov opportunities

Access expert bid reviewers to go further when responding to tenders on frameworks with further comp

  • Qualify Opportunities
  • Red and Pink Team Reviews
  • Social Value help
  • Craft high-scoring bids!

Ask yourselves the right questions with our Qualification Checklist.

Strategise and deliver

We always say it: Getting listed on frameworks is just the start

We’re big advocates of government frameworks, but they’re purchasing vehicles – not sales vehicles! Being awarded a place is just the start. That’s why we help integrate frameworks into your strategy.

How do we support you?

Advice Cloud partner with technology suppliers to help them maximise their public sector strategy, identifying your barriers and helping you action plan to solve them.

BOOST explanation showing wheel of all five BOOST steps.

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We get asked these questions a lot, so here’s some very useful content created by our experts.

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