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Get on the front foot with our G-Cloud Buyability™ Assessments

Since 2012, Advice Cloud’s clients have gone on to win nearly £1bn of business through G-Cloud, and they’re amongst those winning the biggest contracts.

Are you listed on G-Cloud?

Our experts review your position on the framework

The service is perfect for those:

–  Listed on G-Cloud but have yet to make any sales.

–  Who have had some success but need help achieving more.

–  Listing on an upcoming iteration of the framework and want to make sure their service is a buyable as possible!

What's included?

How do our Buyability™ Assessments work?

Our team of experts and G-Cloud specialists – we’ve worked on every iteration! – go through your listing with a fine-tooth comb. Making sure you’re listings are buyable to public sector buyers.

  • Assess your product description

    Making sure you are optimising the space you have within your listing.

  • Carry out a 'Search Check'

    Are you appearing in the searches a potential buyer would perform? Are you utilising the right search terms?

  • Evaluate your Supplementary Documentation

    Are your pricing documents clear and easy to buy from? Is your Service Definition compliant and helpful to buyers?

  • Check your Listing Presentation

    Are your listings on G-Cloud presented in a way that will gain maximum advantage for your services?

  • Identify the areas where you have the edge

    What can be done to get an advantage over your competitors on G-Cloud? How do you sit alongside them on the framework?

Your listing is often the first thing that a Buyer will look at– let’s make it the best it can be

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