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Interactive framework and procurement training from our experts

Our experienced procurement specialists deliver informative and essential procurement training and workshops – mentoring you to become more buyable

Delivering essential knowledge

Boost your Buyability™

Your Sales and Marketing Teams will walk away from the session with a full and cohesive knowledge of the frameworks or procurement processes that you face.

For your Sales team, this means more confidence when talking to a prospect and engaging the targets – the ability to suggest the right way to procure your services and the knowledge to back it up too. All leading to quicker sales and a higher conversion rate. It also means not wasting your time on unqualified opportunities and impossible contracts.

For your Marketing teams, this means the insight into how to use your presence on valuable routes to market in your marketing strategy. How to show the public sector you’re ready to do business and know your stuff. As well as the best ways to engage a complex market and industry.

And finally for your team as a whole, this means a united view of frameworks and procurement with the capacity to construct a clear, winning plan of action moving forward.

What courses do we deliver?

Tailored sessions for your teams

Depending on your needs, our sessions – for up to 8 people at a time – will run through the framework or procurement challenge your currently standing in front of. Providing top tips on how to use it to increase your buyability™.

Meet the mentors

Here are our Strategic Advisers who deliver these informative sessions, pulling from their wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the sector.

  • Jos Creese

    For over a decade Jos was the CIO and CDO for Hampshire County Council and was named as ‘the most influential and innovative CIO in the UK’. He now is Non-Exec Director at Hants NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Sarah Hinchliffe

    Sarah has worked in the tech industry for 40 years starting as a salesperson and rising to a sales director. She now advises SMEs on how to develop their business for success in the public sector.

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