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Gemraj Technologies | Case Study

We helped Gemraj Technologies boost their public sector efforts with our bespoke workshops and CIO Surgery.

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Gemraj Technologies are a UK based Technology Consultancy Services company focussed on innovation in resolving complex business problems. They specialise in delivering complex IT projects, their support covering infrastructure services, architectural solutions, and managed security services. They have previously worked with large financial companies, car manufacturers and a leading care home. However, their most recent goal was to break into the public sector market, which is where Advice Cloud came in.

“We would definitely recommend using Advice Cloud. When it comes to public sector, they have been there and seen it all.”

Cyril John , Managing Director, Gemraj Technologies


Gemraj first came to Advice Cloud in early 2020, for support with their G-Cloud 12 listing. Being brand new to the public sector market, as a first step they wanted to set themselves up on the relevant frameworks, and G-Cloud was the perfect place to start. Gemraj signed up for our 12-month managed service, meaning that they were able to access our support services alongside the application process. Due to the extended G-Cloud 12 application window, instead of waiting around for the framework to open, they signed up for a complementary space on a one-to-one CIO Surgery with our Strategic Adviser, Jos Creese. The purpose of this session was to scope out the areas where Jos and Advice Cloud could support Gemraj longer term. And, after establishing some initial public sector goals, they saw the value of our strategic support, signing up for the full ‘Win Public Sector Business’ workshop.

“Our strategy in 2020 was to enter the public sector market and we were referred to Advice Cloud by TechUK. My first call with Chris was very promising and I knew Advice Cloud would get the job done for us.”

Cyril John , Managing Director, Gemraj Technologies


To begin, the 30-minute CIO Surgery with Jos proved to be an informative discussion about Gemraj’s current positioning of their products and services. Before the session, Jos looked over their website and G-Cloud listing to get a sense of what it is that they offer. This led to suggestions on ways to optimise Gemraj’s approach to the sector; notably around using a simplified but differentiated message, and adjusting their offer directly to solve public sector challenges. The initial session was a success, and as a result Gemraj booked the full length, half-day strategic workshop, facilitated by both Jos and our CEO Chris Farthing. This built on the initial work done during the CIO Surgery, fully scoping Gemraj’s public sector position and developing their UK public sector ‘go to market’ strategy. Jos and Chris provided guidance to Gemraj around developing a marketing plan, securing client contacts, building their reputation, and the positioning of their products and services. We followed up with a comprehensive written report which summarises the conversation points and research, and establishes a Bespoke Action Plan for Gemraj to build their strategy around.

“Our company had loads of gaps in knowledge when it came to public sector. The CIO Surgery and workshop helped not only identify these gaps but also provided guidance with how to fix them. Jos and Chris were very transparent throughout the session; they gave us honest feedback and made things very simple for us. They realised that we are a company hungry for success and gave us ample information start our public sector journey.”

Cyril John , Managing Director, Gemraj Technologies


As a result of Advice Cloud’s guidance, Gemraj are now well positioned to develop opportunities within the public sector market, building on the progress they have already made. They came away from the CIO Surgery and workshop with a deeper knowledge of how the sector is best approached, and who to target. Advice Cloud also identified areas that will require further work, such as building brand awareness amongst buyers in their target sectors, and developing relationships with key public sector contacts. In short, Gemraj have a solid offering – Advice Cloud have simply helped them to adjust their current positioning, and have a clearer public sector strategy. We look forward to seeing what they achieve!

“The Advice Cloud team are a very proactive, responsive and hardworking bunch. We are happy with their support, and the public sector strategy will help us in the long run. With Advice Cloud on our side, the GTL team are confident that we will win some bids this year and are looking to get listed on other frameworks with their support.”

Cyril John , Managing Director, Gemraj Technologies

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