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Digital Outcomes & Specialists 7 FAQs

In the coming years, we’ll see the 7th iteration of the Digital Outcomes & Specialists framework from Crown Commercial Service. But what do we expect from the procurement framework?

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Here at Advice Cloud we’ve worked with suppliers to use the Digital Outcomes & Specialists (DOS as it’s known!) from very early on in its life, right up to the current Digital Outcomes 6. We’ve worked with suppliers to provide expert assistance with getting everything in order to apply, qualifying opportunities, and bidding to win contracts. This means we know what the DOS framework entails, for both suppliers and buyers. With Digital Outcomes & Specialists 7 on the horizon, here’s what you need to know about this ever-evolving staple procurement framework.


What is the Digital Outcomes & Specialists 7 framework?

The framework is part of Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Digital Strategy for UK Government, and their prime agreement under this strategy. It provides a route to market for suppliers offering outcome-based technology services. Mainly around: Design, performance analysis and data, security, service delivery, software development, support and operations, testing and auditing, user research, user experience and design. It also is a way for providers to supply teams and individuals to carry out projects for UK Gov.


What are the Lots for Digital Outcomes & Specialists 7?

Whilst not 100% confirmed yet, as it’s still quite far away, but if we look at the current iteration it may look like:

  1. Digital Outcomes
  2. User Research Teams
  3. User Research Participants

We haven’t heard whether Digital Specialists & Programmes or Digital Capability for Health frameworks will be reincorporated into DOS yet.

When does Digital Outcomes & Specialists 7 open for applications?

The DOS7 framework has now been delayed by CCS, with a one year extension activated on Digital Outcomes 6. It will open for applications in the first half of 2025, with Digital Outcomes 6 expiring in June 2025.


How do I apply?

The application process for Digital Outcomes & Specialists 7 will be quite similar to how it has always been. For the typical Lots within the framework, there will be standard checks and regulations suppliers will be required to hit. It’s a standard process that we always say is quite easy, however winning the business when listed isn’t! This is because the work (and ‘proving’ yourself) comes not at application, but on the bidding side.

What can I do now?

Suppliers interested in the framework can make sure they’re getting ready for a bumper 2024 now. There are many routes to market opening up and, in our opinion, it’s a year of opening doors. It may seem like the framework is a way off yet, but making sure you understand what to expect (get in touch if you’re unsure!) and ensuring you hit the mark way before applications open (avoid that last-minute scramble!) is essential.

We also recommend having a look at what your target buyers, and competitors, are doing on the framework. You can do this easily by checking out our Spend Data tool.

We actually held a webinar on getting ready for 2024 too, which you can watch right here.


As always, if you feel like you’d like to know more – or want to chat about how we can help you get ready for DOS7 – get in touch now.

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