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Digital Specialists & Programmes RM6263 FAQs

DOS6 has brought about some changes. Largely with the brand new framework: Digital Specialists & Programmes (RM6263). Here we answer some common questions…

So here it is, a big change to the way the Digital Marketplace will operate from 2022 onwards. We’ve spoken about Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) planned changes to Digital Outcomes & Specialists with their sixth iteration. A huge part of these changes is the creation of a new framework agreement: Digital Specialists and Programmes, or RM6263. But it’s not all brand new. Here’s what suppliers commonly ask us about the new route to market.


What is Digital Specialists & Programmes (RM6263)?

As we move into a new era of the Digital Marketplace – there are some changes to G-Cloud 13 when it arrives too! – Crown Commercial Service have decided to separate Lot 2 from the Digital Outcomes & Specialists framework (DOS) agreement. Currently, DOS5 includes three Lots (Outcomes, Specialists and Research) but as we move into the sixth iteration this will change.

Lot 2 is set to break away from DOS to form a whole new framework separate from the Digital Marketplace called Digital Specialists & Programmes, RM6263 as its referenced. Differently to how DOS has worked in the past, this framework will be capped to around 50 suppliers and run for two years. With 5 planned service provisions, CCS have outlined an estimated value of around £4bn in contracts in that lifetime!


What is in scope?

Pretty much the same as Lot 2 of DOS. It will still only be for digital, IT and data specialists that can provide:

  • Large digital transformation.
  • Large capability programmes – staff that can assist with testing, designing, building, releasing, iteration support, general support and retirement of previous systems.

The difference here to Digital Outcomes is that there doesn’t have to be clear outcomes defined by the opportunity. The staff and people provided in this framework can assist with determining this and working towards it.

The five service provisions are: DevOps, Digital Definition Services, Build and Transition Services, End-to-End Development Services, and Data Management Services.


When does Digital Specialists & Programmes (RM6263) open?

Applications for the framework were expected on 22nd October 2021 until 16th November 2021. With CCS making the framework go Live in March 2022.


What should suppliers do next?

Now that the framework is Live. Suppliers should be making sure they’re successfully utilising it within their strategy. Making sure they’re aware of how to bid and how to win contracts through the framework.

There are 76 suppliers on the Digital Specialists & Programmes framework, so suppliers need to make sure they can stand out above the rest.


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