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Appvia | Case Study

We worked with Appvia on some major opportunities through Digital Outcomes & Specialists bids (Stage 1 and 2), and helped them secure two big value contracts.

How it all started

Appvia came to Advice Cloud in 2019 for help with bidding on opportunities on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4. Appvia took us up on our bid support services, designed to help with the production of quality bids. After a successful year of improving their bidding capabilities, Appvia topped up their bid support hours with Advice Cloud, to continue gaining experience building tender responses and identifying key opportunities.

In short, Appvia wanted to make a great success of DOS and that meant winning high value tenders with key organisations. Appvia called on Advice Cloud to help with two important bids for large-scale projects when the time arose.

“We came to Advice Cloud for some initial Stage 1 training and it was quickly clear that they knew their stuff. So, when we needed help with two Stage 2 proposals, we knew who to contact.”

Jay Keshur , Chief Operating Officer

How we helped

Appvia had previous experience in responding to tenders at Stage 1, which asks for 100-word responses to Buyer requirements. They had been benefitting from support from Advice Cloud in creating successful responses that helped them progress past Stage 1, and were now much more comfortable in completing these aspects of the competition. However, after being successful and being invited to Stage 2 on two new, key opportunities, they needed more support. This part of the competition included written proposals, which Appvia needed to ensure hit the mark.

Appvia took up Advice Cloud’s proposition of in-depth Stage 2 support, with our CEO Chris Farthing and Proposal Consultant Sarah Hinchliffe. This was to deliver advice and guidance on how to create winning, impressive proposals and put Appvia in a good position to win these contracts.

After an initial scoping call to assess and understand the opportunity, our experts delivered in-depth reviews of Appvia’s draft responses and provided continuous phone and email support throughout the process to ensure the highest quality proposal was produced.

“Both Chris and Sarah’s knowledge and experience with the framework made everything very clear and their advice was extremely useful. We knew how to tackle Stage 1 bids, but their support through the entire Stage 2 process proved invaluable.”

Jay Keshur , Chief Operating Officer

The outcome

After working with our bid specialists on their Stage 2 proposals, Appvia won both DOS contracts! Winning over their competitors at Stage 2. The knowledge gained from the sessions with Advice Cloud helped them to focus on what buyers look for in a winning bid, at both Stage 1 and 2, and gave them the foundation for their teams to build on.

The success of winning two major contracts with the public sector has also made sure that Appvia’s return on their efforts has been more than met and moving forward are able to share the experience gained throughout their teams.

“Without Advice Cloud’s support with the DOS framework process, we would not have had the success we had. With their expert help for Stage 1 – and most importantly Stage 2 – we were able to win both of the big value opportunities they supported us with!”

Jay Keshur , Chief Operating Officer

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