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Why your service title and summary matters

In this short write-up, we focus on a small but mighty part of your G-Cloud listing – your service tile and summary!

On G-Cloud there are certain parts of your listing which are searchable for buyers using the framework. These are your; Service title, service summary, and your features and benefits.

Coincidentally, these are also the areas of listings we find suppliers often neglect. We understand that in the flurry of submission why suppliers might only use 25 of their 50-word service summary or call their service by a branded term because it’s quicker or familiar. However, you really are doing your listing a disservice if you rush these crucial elements!


Here are our top tips for maximum Buyability™…


Don’t bother repeating your company name

Whilst this might be something clever your marketing team sweated over for weeks, a buyer won’t be looking for it. Be sure to include in your service title what you are offering e.g. ‘Digital Transformation Consultancy’. Including your company name will just waste words as a buyer won’t be able to compliantly procure your service by simply searching the name.


Choose your words wisely

The search functionality doesn’t work the same way as traditional SEO and in order to be returned in searches you need to be using the right terms and combinations of phrases. For instance, if your application isn’t reliant on a specific cloud provider, a more ‘searchable’ way of saying this would be that you are ‘cloud agnostic’. When crafting your listing, try to think about what terms and phrases best describe your service and be sure to include them within one of the searchable areas of your listing.


Drop the sales talk

For your service summary you should keep the language as sales and marketing free as you can. Your summary should be a succinct overview of your offering. That being said, making it too technical can be off putting as well. We recommend having a variety of people from your organisation involved in the process, this ensures that no matter who is tasked with reviewing the listing will be able to understand your service.


These are just a few ways to ensure the right buyers are seeing your listing. The main thing to remember is that a good listing takes time and effort, don’t leave yours until the last minute.

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