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A guide to Digital Outcomes 6

With Digital Outcomes & Specialists stripped back, we’re left with Digital Outcomes 6 for this iteration of the framework.

We’ve covered a bit about how the Digital Outcomes & Specialists framework will change as we move towards the end of 2021 before. This includes removing Lot 2 (Digital Specialists) from the Digital Marketplace, and leaving us with just Digital Outcomes. So, we thought we’d better cover what the Digital Outcomes 6 framework is and how it will work for suppliers and buyers when it arrives!


What is Digital Outcomes 6?

It’s now been confirmed that Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 finishes its run in April 2023 (after an extension), and with that news Crown Commercial Service (CCS) have decided to mix things up. The framework as it stands now will be cut back, with Specialists being removed and placed into its own framework: Digital Specialists & Programmes. This will be hosted separately to the remaining Digital Outcomes part of the framework.

This leaves us with Digital Outcomes (or Digital Outcomes 6, as it will be called for this iteration). Ultimately, just offering the original DOS Lot 1 services and outcomes in one useful place.


When will Digital Outcomes 6 open?

Applications for the framework opened on 14th January 2022, according to CCS. With them now closed, Digital Outcomes i now Live for both buyers and suppliers via the new Public Procurement Gateway.

It went Live a bit later than usual, finally opening its doors in December 2022.


Has the applications process changed?

Not really. As always, getting listed on Digital Outcomes 6 will be a straightforward process. All it will require is suppliers ensuring they can meet the requirements to be listed and bid on the opportunities via the framework. When the window opens, suppliers will have to make sure they complete their submission, but all should be relatively straightforward if you can provide Digital Outcomes as required by the Public Sector.

In fact, what we always say is: it’s easy to get listed, but a lot harder to win the contracts when you’re on it!


How will Digital Outcomes 6 work when it goes Live?

We don’t expect the framework agreement to deviate from how it’s worked in the past. Once awarded a place on Digital Outcomes 6 and it goes Live, suppliers will be able to respond and bid to the tender opportunities posted by buyers via the Public Procurement Gateway (yes, DOS6 will no longer be on the Digital Marketplace!).

Buyers will place an opportunity open to see by all, and then suppliers will have to compose 100-word responses to each requirement. These answers are evaluated using the MEAT criteria, and successful bidders will be invited to Stage 2.

Stage 2 works a little differently and involves suppliers creating a proposal. How this is delivered is entirely up to the buyers requirements, but so far we’ve seen written proposals, presentations, and more used through DOS.

So, with two very important frameworks arriving out of the ‘ashes’ of Digital Outcomes & Specialists (although we’ve been told we may see DOS come back around again in two years time!), there’s a lot to get to grips with. Digital Specialists & Programmes now looks like a competitive route to market in a more traditional framework setting, whereas Digital Outcomes will build on the traditions of DOS. We look forward to the changes that CCS will bring to the Digital Marketplace staples moving forward!

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