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Commsworld | Case Study

Our long partnership with Commsworld covers many high-value frameworks and getting them in prome position to win contracts.

Commsworld are a leading telecommunications network services provider in the UK, giving customers a full range of integrated communications solutions, including cloud, security, and voice solutions. They manage and control the largest privately funded Optical Core network in the UK and deliver social value by enabling organisations to achieve growth through the adoption of fast connectivity. As Commsworld have offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, they provide services to numerous UK organisations including Councils and Public Sector departments. What is more, they are continuing to expand their reach throughout the UK, having recently opened a London office. And with a profit increase of 111% in 2019, they are certainly doing something right.

“Commsworld would absolutely recommend Advice Cloud and have done so on a number of occasions. We like the style and approach of the Team and they demonstrate excellent and deep knowledge in this field.”

How it all started

Commsworld first approached Advice Cloud with support for their G-Cloud 9 application in 2017 and have remained a client ever since. Their mission last year was to secure a place on more than one framework, in order to approach the market from multiple angles and improve their chances of winning public sector business. So, alongside their G-Cloud 11 application, Advice Cloud managed Commsworld’s application for the highly competitive CCS framework, Network Services 2.

The scope of the framework was extremely vast, with 13 Lots including Data Access Services, IP Telephony services and Contact Centre services. Commsworld decided to apply for five lots; ambitious seeing that the Lots were capped. However, due to our prior experience with Commsworld, we were confident in our ability to get them over the line.

“Commsworld having already worked with Advice Cloud, believed they would be able to support us through our submission. We knew we did not understand how these frameworks operate and needed expertise to guide us. We very quickly learned that the process was significantly more onerous than we expected, but we got there.”

How we helped

For NS2, Advice Cloud took Commsworld through the application process for Lot 1 Data Access Services, Lot 2 Local Area Connectivity Services, Lot 5 IP Telephony Solutions, Lot 10 Unified Communications Services and Lot 13 Contact Centre Services. Required for each Lot were three case studies, a number of technical and commercial responses, and various accreditations. So, we knew we had our work cut out.

However, by breaking each requirement into palatable sections, setting out a structured 3-draft review process with a bespoke timeline, and providing regular updates about the progress of their submission, we completed all elements of the framework application and made it over the finish line. As a result, they were successful on all five Lots.

Next up was the G-Cloud 11 application. Fortunately, Commsworld are well-versed in this application process, so after a kick-off call, we were able to get the ball rolling by reviewing their existing listings and gauging what needed changing. However, as with all clients, went through our usual 3-draft process, delivering the same service to Commsworld as we did to new clients.

By clearly establishing deadlines for each draft we were able to perfect their listings, run our internal QA process and press ‘submit’ on their application with no trouble. We continue to offer Commsworld support for their Digital Marketplace listings, finding relevant contract opportunities and providing client-exclusive access to content and webinars. In addition, we have since supported them with their successful G-Cloud 12 application for five listings, following the same processes and maintaining the same quality of service.

“There is no doubt that the Advice Cloud process keeps you on track and focussed. That and the associated critique of our content all helps ensure you produce the required level of quality output. Left to your own devices, you would probably miss the mark.”

The outcome

Overall, Advice Cloud have supported Commsworld with four rounds of G-Cloud applications for five separate listings. Alongside this, we helped them to secure their place on NS2— for all five Lots—scoring 100% for quality across the entire application.

As a result of their ongoing success with the public sector, Commsworld have won a £30m contract with Glasgow City Council to provide their cloud-based connectivity solutions to schools, libraries, and other council buildings. In addition, they have recently been awarded a £15 million contract by Renfrewshire Council to upgrade its digital connectivity and services across the region.

In summary, with Advice Cloud’s support, Commsworld are moving from strength to strength by approaching the market via multiple frameworks, ultimately delivering value to the public sector with their wide-reaching connectivity solutions.

“Advice Cloud’s support has enabled Commsworld, securing very important placements on key frameworks, but this is only the start. As we continue to expand across the whole of the UK and into other Sectors, we will be adopting more frameworks in order to maximise our reach to an ever growing list of target clients. It goes almost without saying that we will continue to utilise Advice Cloud’s services and expertise.”

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