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G-Cloud 13: What you need to know

We normally see G-Cloud open for supplier applications as the summer approaches. So where is G-Cloud 13? Here’s what we know.

*This blog was originally published in February 2022. For more up-to-date info on the G-Cloud framework, head to our G-Cloud topic on the Knowledge Hub.


It’s that time of year where we patiently await news of the G-Cloud framework. This time G-Cloud 13!

It’s a popular method of procurement by public sector buyers and suppliers alike. Largely due to its easy catalogue style layout and compliant ways of sealing deals.


When does G-Cloud 13 open?

Crown Commercial Service have confirmed that G-Cloud 12 (the current iteration) has been extended until 27th September 2022 – one whole year. This was largely due to G-Cloud 13 currently still being constructed, and giving time for any changes.

CCS have announced Wednesday 9th March 2022 for applications to open. This means we should see G-Cloud 13 go Live for use on 14th September 2022.

Lot 4 on the framework will follow a slightly different timeline after the application window closes. As of February 2023, it’s still not officially Live for use!

Will there be any changes to the G-Cloud 13 framework?

At the moment, we only know bits and pieces. We’re still waiting on the final announcements. However, the reason given for the year long extension is for updates – including accessibility and customer usability. So we may see some changes there.

We know that with all procurements there will be more emphasis on Social Value. As per the Social Value PPN released last year.

One big change is the planned introduced of a 4th Lot!

The new fourth Lot

Crown Commercial Service have announced plans to introduce a fourth Lot to G-Cloud. This will be for more complex end-to-end cloud services. Suppliers on this Lot must be able to provide ALL of these solutions:

  • Planning
  • Setup and migration
  • Security Services
  • Quality assurance and performance testing
  • Training
  • Ongoing support

This Lot will not feature Direct Award and will rely on further competition only. And CCS have stated that this will not affect the other three Lots in any way. We’re also aware that the application for this Lot will be different and be stand alone. Suppliers will have to submit their tender responses, rather than upload a catalogue style listing. Meaning that this one could be competitive for space, we’ll have to wait and see.

What can I do until it opens?

Don’t just sit and wait! There’s plenty going on to get busy with. We recommend having a look at other relevant frameworks or Dynamic Purchasing Systems that you should start using (or are opening this year!). This includes the Intelligent Automation Software Solution framework, or the Cloud Services DPS.

Also, make sure you have the right capability to make the most of the public sector. Enable your procurement teams by finetuning your strategy. Where are your gaps in knowledge? Where are your gaps in resources and capacity? You have some extra time to get this right.

Lastly, G-Cloud 12 still has a while of being open yet. Make sure you’re in prime position to be found and for buyers to buy. Ensure your listing is up to scratch with competitive search terms, compliant information and clear benefits.

There’s a lot to get on with in the time we’re waiting for some more news from CCS. We’ll make sure to let you know more information when we get it!

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