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FireText | Case Study

We supported FireText with an overall partnership that provided different services over a long period – helping them win major contracts.

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FireText, founded in 2007, are an SMS marketing company that provide a customisable service via their online SMS platform. Their service allows clients to send, receive, track, and analyse text marketing campaigns; and they also provide dedicated support built-in. FireText are experts in dealing with businesses and organisations of all sizes across the private and public sector.

With regard to public sector business, FireText have been listed on G-Cloud since G-Cloud 6. They are currently listed on G-Cloud 13, Network Services 3 (NS3), and the NHS SBS CARAS framework. Public sector clients include Cabinet Office, NHS North East London Commissioning Group, National Highways, and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

“I would definitely recommend Advice Cloud. Throughout our public sector procurement processes, Kamla has been so diligent, sharing her knowledge and experience with our team, and seeing us through the application processes from start to finish.”

James Huff , Co-Founder at FireText

How it all started:

FireText originally came to Advice Cloud for support with their G-Cloud 8 application back in 2016. Whilst they had already seen some success via the framework, they wanted our experience to ensure their listing was compliant and buyable. This began a long-lasting partnership between FireText and Advice Cloud, working together on each subsequent iteration of G-Cloud, up to G-Cloud 11. From there we continued to assist FireText with their growth.


How we helped:

Advice Cloud continued to deliver their G-Cloud managed framework services, delivering continuous improvement to their listings across all iterations up to G-Cloud 11. FireText were then able to use this experience learned, and listing know-how as the basis for their applications to G-Cloud iterations 12 and 13. Which they carried out by themselves.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, FireText were able to support the NHS with their messaging for lateral flow tests and vaccine bookings.

In September 2022, FireText returned to Advice Cloud for assistance with a G-Cloud contract query. This led to the company signing up to our Procurement Plus Membership, which gives them access to our experts for queries and advice. We were able to advise them on the correct course of action with their Buyer.

The Procurement Plus Membership helped us maintain a relationship with FireText that led to us expanding to our managed framework support for their Network Services 3 application. This framework was more involved than G-Cloud and required the completion of a lot more additional documentation and requirements. Having worked on Network Services 2, Advice Cloud knew what was involved.

Over the course of 3 months, Advice Cloud worked with FireText over a series of drafts to fine-tune their application. This ensured that the award questions covered the necessary elements; and that all documentation was correctly completed, and fully compliant.



Advice Cloud successfully submitted the application for Network Services 3 on behalf of FireText, who were then awarded a place on the framework in July 2023.

FireText’s continued Procurement Plus membership also allowed Advice Cloud to support and advise FireText on queries across both G-Cloud, and NS3, ensuring that they are able to make the most of being on these frameworks.

In 2023, FireText further expanded their use of Advice Cloud’s services, utilising bid and consultancy hours to assist them with completing a Request for Clarification on G-Cloud, which was “worth the time and investment” as Advice Cloud’s support helped to refine the response to tick all of the boxes evaluators are looking for. This ultimately contributed to FireText’s winning the contract, valued at over £38m, and Advice Cloud were then able to advise on completion of the call-off contract.

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