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The next iteration of the Technology Products & Associated Services framework, RM6098, is expected March 2023. We get asked similar questions for each framework – so here’s the run-down!

TePAS was a new framework born in 2020. After success, CCS are returning with a second iteration and a few changes to improve the experience for both buyers and suppliers. Joe Fuller, our Content & Community Lead, has attended multiple supplier engagement events, including the pre-ATP supplier webinar session on 11th January – so we’ve got the latest update on what to expect!


What’s it for?

TePAS is for technology product needs (hardware and software) and all associated services. This agreement will offer the same range of products and services as the current TePAS agreement, with changes made following market engagement feedback. We recently attended the second of the market engagement sessions, and the following Lot structure has been proposed:

  • Lot 1 – Hardware and Software, and associated services
  • Lot 2 – Hardware and associated services
  • Lot 3 – Software and associated services
  • Lot 4 – Information Assured Products and associated services
  • Lot 5 – Health and Social Care Technology
  • Lot 6 – Education Technology
  • Lot 7 – Sustainability & Circular IT
  • Lot 8 – Catalogue

Sustainability will be assessed across all Lots, with a specific focus within Lot 7.


Why should I be on TePAS?

The following are the benefits of this framework for both buyers and suppliers:

  • it provides a complete range of technology products and services for a variety of purchase models
  • it simplifies the customer experience, especially for your ‘technology as a service”’ needs
  • it enables sustainability by providing end-to-end services for the lifecycle of technology products for example: buy, upgrade, maintain and recycle.

When this framework first came about, half of the 39 suppliers were SMEs! CCS are continuing to adapt it to make it far more SME-friendly. For example, the final Lot will be for lower-value products and orders, creating a lower barrier of entry for SMEs.

There is also talk of Direct Award being available across the whole framework, providing this can still align with procurement regulations. Both direct award and further competition are likely to be in there.


When does TePAS 2 open?

It was recently confirmed by CCS that TePAS 2 will open for supplier applications early March 2023, with an aim to go live in September 2023.


What should suppliers do now?

First of all, get involved in the crafting of this agreement. CCS are actively calling on interested suppliers to attend their events (here) that will help shape it – get signed up for the next ones in late January and March! These supplier engagement events are key to having your requests heard.

On top of that, you can express interest by emailing the contact given in the PIN. This way you can be on the radar for any updates, including key engagement events.

Lastly, make sure you’re putting this into your strategy. Prepare for it to arrive for applications and doubly make sure you can utilise getting listed. Agreements like this usually have competitive applications and are capped, so ensure you’ve got the time mapped out to apply.

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