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[Infographic] G-Cloud Application Roadmap

We’ve updated our G-Cloud application roadmap! It features the key steps to getting your application completed in time, and how long each step should take.

The G-Cloud application process can be a resource-heavy and time-draining process. Here, we break down the key steps to make your application timeline a little less anxiety-inducing.



Step 1


  • Applying to G-Cloud is a time-sensitive process. If you are the lead person, clear some time in your diary for this project.
  • To register a supplier account on the Digital Marketplace you need to make sure your company has a DUNS number. Later on you will also need a VAT number. If you don’t have one they can take up to 2 weeks to apply for!

Step 2

Draft Service Offering

  • We recommend to suppliers that you start filling out the functional information with enough time to review & make changes. It’s always good to involve different departments. We suggest including sales, technical, legal and marketing.
  • Read the framework agreement and check your legal department is happy. You cannot amend the terms so if you don’t like them, then your G-Cloud journey stops here…

Step 3

Review and Improve

  • Have someone who isn’t a techie take a look – can they read and roughly understand what you are offering? If not, see if they can re-word and make it a little bit more reader-friendly. It won’t always be a technical person looking at your listing.
  • Craft your listing with your target market in mind. Buyers are time poor – share the essentials and don’t be too salesy!

Step 4

Prepare Supplementary Documents

  • Make sure you get your Service Definition right. When it comes to the public sector, the more info in these the better. If needs be, get someone else to read it and make sure it’s easy to understand – there’s no guarantee the person that reads it will be an expert!
  • Make sure your pricing is clear and you have detailed any discounts you offer on the document. Remember, you won’t be able to increase your pricing during the lifetime of the framework – only decrease!

Step 5

Final Once-Over and Submission 

  • Do a once over of your submission to check spelling and grammar!Make sure you are happy with the documents. Then send it over to marketing, they can brand it and make it look beautiful.
  • By now you should be ready to submit your listing and accompanying documents.  Convert your docs to PDF format and push that big red button to submit your service.

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