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Getting on to DOS is just the start

A lot of suppliers think that getting on to DOS can guarantee some public sector business. There’s definitely more to it than that…

Digital Outcomes & Specialists (DOS) is one of CCS’s flagship frameworks. Currently in its fourth iteration, DOS provides away for buyers to source teams or individuals to support the delivery delivering agile digital services, as well as other digital services.

So far, 5400+ opportunities have been advertised in the open for all suppliers to access on the Digital Marketplace. But being on the framework doesn’t guarantee a slice of that business – here’s why.


Getting on to DOS…

In order to interest suppliers and maintain a SME friendly approach, DOS has a lower barrier of entry than a lot of other frameworks. The application itself is pretty straightforward and consists of answering multiple answer-based questions on the Digital Marketplace. It’s basically a quick to check to make sure the suppliers are who they say they are, and can provide services in scope with the framework.

That’s the easy part…


What comes next?

Whilst getting on the framework is fairly easy, simply being on the framework does not guarantee success.

Firstly, you must be engaging with buyers! Relationships can take a long time to finesse, but they nearly always result in success. Reaching out to buyers, understanding their needs, and having trusted communication outside of the framework equals success within the framework.

Buyers can’t just award to suppliers they already know. The process has to be fair and compliant. However, getting your name out there and making sure organisations know who you are – and that you have a good reputation – helps them take what you’re saying in your bids seriously.

Secondly, you must find the right opportunities to apply for. If you blindly respond to any or every possible opportunity listed on the Digital Marketplace, you may find that you are quickly short on capacity, restricted on time and finding little success. Time and a trusted process is required to determine whether you qualify or not for an opportunity.

Thirdly, once you have qualified yourself for an opportunity, you need plenty of time to compile and write the winning responses. Quality responses require planning, writing and reviewing. Don’t fall short of submitting anything less than perfect- remember, bad reputations stick!


In our experience, many suppliers try to apply for as many opportunities as possible. Hedging their bets. However, it’s more about ensuring Digital Outcomes and Specialists is a part of their overall public sector strategy. Spending time to qualify opportunities and make sure it’s worth their time – and the buyer’s time too.

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