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Cloud Compute 2 framework FAQs

The Cloud Compute 2 framework is the second iteration of the recent G-Cloud adjacent route to market. Here’s the scoop.

With G-Cloud 13 applications wrapping up, Crown Commercial Service is readying the Cloud Compute 2 framework (RM6292). Cloud Compute came on to the scene in early 2021 to run alongside the G-Cloud framework.

With G-Cloud’s three Lots at the time encompassing Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software, and Cloud Support, CCS wanted a fresh new route to market for solid IaaS and PaaS. In honesty, this was rather confusing given G-Cloud’s scope too – there was a lot of crossover. However, with Cloud Compute 2, CCS has begun to tweak the framework. Cloud Compute 2 seems to be moving to a route to market for not just the big cloud giants out there, but also wider providers.


What is in scope for Cloud Compute 2?

As we said, the Cloud Compute 2 framework is set to be for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This carries on from the first iteration.

However, the new framework looks to be adding a wider scope. With the addition of suppliers who can provide value-added services and professional services for IaaS and PaaS. This may be an attempt to make sure that Cloud Compute 2 doesn’t just feature the big providers and can include smaller suppliers in the mix. It also means a lot of services currently under G-Cloud for hosting and hosting services will migrate to this new framework.

The framework is capped, as was the first iteration.

The proposed Lot structure is:

Lot 1 – Core Services – No supplier limit

Lot 2 – Value Added Ancillary Services – 30 supplier cap

Lot 3 – Professional Services – 60 supplier cap

Lot 4 – Cloud Secure+ – No supplier limit

When does the Cloud Compute 2 framework open?

The framework opened for applications on Friday 30th June 2023. The doors will close at 14:59 on 7th August, with a go-Live date of November 2023 planned.


What should suppliers do now?

Get everything in order! Frameworks now include a fair bit more than they use to. Big applications like this may need more social value responses and most likely will be weighted in the scoring for such info. Make sure you’ve got social value measures in place before applying, as it may take you a bit more time when left to the last minute.

Make sure you’ve got the resources and people on board. If you’re applying for Cloud Compute 2, you may have just applied for G-Cloud 13 – and be considering Vertical Application Solutions too. That’s a lot of VERY valuable routes to market to apply for in the coming months. Do you have enough time and people to commit? Are you able to put the effort in to be awarded a place? Remember, these frameworks are competitive and capped.

If you don’t have the time, maybe consider outside help. Procurement and framework experts such as ourselves help suppliers with their applications and make sure they get listed compliantly and successfully. It’s worth thinking about.

Get cracking! Windows like these only just give enough time to get involved. If you’re worried you won’t have the time, we can help. Just get in touch.

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