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Vertical Application Solutions: What is it?

This new framework from Crown Commercial Service, expected in 2022, is set to replace Data and Application Solutions.

Vertical Application Solutions is a brand new framework announced by Crown Commercial Service. It’s expected to replace Data and Application Solutions, which expires in February 2023.

This large framework is for software based solutions to public sector needs. Suppliers on this framework will need to provide solutions that support the public sector to transform their services, and provide many aspects of what comes with software.

Here’s what we know so far.


What is the Vertical Application Solutions framework for?

Unlike most frameworks out there, the Vertical Application Solutions route to market divides their Lot structure not by scope but by industry. For example, rather than have a Lot dedicated to Software, each Lot focuses on the industry the buyer sits. However, the overall framework is for all aspects of software solutions, including licenses, support, related hardware etc.

The proposed Lot structure is:

  1. Business Applications This Lot includes revenues and benefits solutions, payment processing, and civil enforcement.
  2. Education, Community Health and Social Care Solutions All services in this Lot assist with learning apps, education management solutions, community health and social care, and enterprise health solutions.
  3. Housing, Environmental and Planning Solutions Varied in scope, services within this Lot are able to provide solutions that support: Environmental services, planning, licensing, regulatory services, building control, housing management, geographic information systems, waste management solutions, and more.
  4. Citizen Services Lot 4 is for the provision of solutions for libraries, democratic and citizen engagement systems, museums, sports and recreation, registrars, burials and crematorium solutions, and more.
  5. Blue Light Solutions This Lot is primarily for any Blue Light service within the public sector. This includes investigation and intelligence, surveillance, digital asset management, data analytics, fraud detection, emergency response and crisis management, and more.


When does the Vertical Application Solutions framework open?

Crown Commercial Service pencilled in August 2022 for the tender documents to be released. This meant that applications for the Vertical Application Solutions started then. The framework is expected to go Live for buyers and suppliers in March 2023.


What should suppliers do now?

Make sure you’re putting the Vertical Application Solutions framework into your pipelines and strategies. Big frameworks like these (that last around 4 years) need to go alongside yearly routes to market such as G-Cloud and DOS. And once you’re on them, you need to start making sure that buyers can procure you through them! As we always say, it’s not enough to just get listed.

Lastly, make sure you’ve familiarised yourself with what CCS and the public sector ask of suppliers in 2022. Procurement has changed in the last year or so, with added demands and expectations of suppliers. This includes dedication to Net Zero, social value and an understanding of procurement processes. Make sure your teams know all about these (we offer help with this if you’re stuck!), as you won’t be able to close details without them.

If you’re applying for Vertical Application Solutions you may have just finished your application for G-Cloud 13. However, this does come around quickly afterwards, so make sure you’ve got hands on deck! If you’re not sure you have the time, then maybe consider getting outside help from framework and procurement experts such as ourselves.

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