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Big Data and Analytics framework FAQs

The Big Data and Analytics framework (RM6195) arrived for applications in October of 2021 and is now Live for us. Here’s the details.

A new framework agreement is on the horizon for the public sector! CCS’ Big Data and Analytics, or RM6195, is a promising two-Lot route to market that we’re very excited about. Here’s what we know so far.


What is in scope for the Big Data and Analytics framework (RM6195)?

Firstly, CCS have explained that Big Data and Analytics will contain two Lots. These are the different categories for solutions/services within the framework. The planned Lots are:

  • Lot 1: ‘Build and Run’ professional services.
  • Lot 2: Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

Lot 1 focuses largely on the creation, deployment and support of various solutions for Big Data and Analytics. Over different solutions: data acquisition, reporting and dashboarding, analytics and cognitive solutions, data risking and search services.

Lot 2 on the other hand will be for more off-the-shelf solutions for software and software licenses. This will be to support the public sector with; big data management, data mining, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), reporting and analytics, and security.


When does Big Data and Analytics (RM6195) open for applications?

CCS released the Contract Notice to Find a Tender on 5th November 2021. This means that applications will open from this date and suppliers will be able to get their hands on the tender documents. Applications close on 8th December 2021. It is now Live for use by buyers and suppliers.


How does it work for suppliers?

Crown Commercial Service have stated that Lot 1 will be capped at 20 suppliers. So, there may be some competition to be awarded a spot here! It means suppliers will have to make sure their submission documents are in order. This includes having competitive pricing, good case studies and all accreditation ready.

Lot 2 isn’t capped however, as by CCS’ definition it is more ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. This doesn’t mean it will be easy to apply though, there will be criteria to hit to make sure you adhere to the framework agreement.

Two important things to note are that Cyber Essentials certificates will be needed for all suppliers, as well as being able to provide solutions than handle sensitive and confidential data.

So, suppliers should start getting prepped before it opens for applications to make sure they’re ready! We’ll update this page with any more info as we get it, or just get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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