What is it?

The Care Technology DPS has been set up by YPO to give buyers the ability to procure care-related technology easily and compliantly, and runs from October 2018 – October 2022 – meaning it’s already open.

As a DPS, supplier numbers are not capped and suppliers can apply to get on at any point throughout the life of the agreement.

The DPS is broken down into five Service Categories:

  • Care Related Activity Detection, Monitoring and Prevention Products and Services– this includes activity monitoring, call monitoring services, home automation/environmental control systems, location tracking and monitoring and more.
  • Technology Enabled Reablement and Rehabilitation Products and Services– this includes prosthetics, robotics, sensory and immersive rooms, smart products, virtual and mixed reality, and wheelchairs and mobility.
  • Care Related Information and Communication Products and Software– including Health and care related apps, healthcare kiosks, learning materials and curriculum aids, remote video consultation, screen readers and communication devices and more.
  • Care Related Software– call monitoring centre software, case management software, data and trend analysis software, monitoring and rostering of care delivery/staff software, SaaS, and more.
  • Technology Enabled Care Related Professional Services – care related data and trend analysis services, technology enabled care consultancy, technology enabled care training and education, and more.

When applying for public sector frameworks just filling in the forms is rarely sufficient. You need to use the right language and have insight into what lies behind the questions. It can be very difficult for small and medium businesses to uncover these hidden meanings and they can waste a lot of time and effort on unsuccessful applications. The experts at Advice Cloud can bring this essential insight to ensure your applications are a success.

Tim Stranack, DirectorCommunity Fibre

How can we help?

You will be listed on the YPO Care Technology DPS with a fully compliant listing and will be prepared to bid with a full understanding of how it all works. After getting you listed, we will help you win business through the DPS. Our procurement and framework experts will be on hand to help answer any of your questions, as well as support you in crafting great winning bids to the opportunities you respond to.

Check out our listing and support services here.

YPO Care Technology DPS HealthTech

£250mexpected through the DPS during its lifetime
£2.3bnsize of the Health and Social Care tech market
453Health organisations bought tech in 2018/19