We understand the public sector procurement process from start to finish.

Our 4-step process is designed with the single goal of getting you to win profitable public sector business. You can receive help on one particular step or you can opt for our services that already cover two or more steps.


Onboarding Processes

Step 1 – Advise

Decide if the public sector is right for your company

  • Is it the right strategic move for your business?
  • Do you meet the requirements and standards demanded from suppliers?
  • If you don’t, what do you need to change to qualify?
  • Do you have the sales processes and staff to convert potential public sector clients?
Buy For Government

Step 2 - Action

Become a supplier on a Government procurement framework

  • G-Cloud, Digital Outcomes and Specialists, Network Services, Application Solutions, HSCN Services & other Computer, Digital and Information Technology (CDIT) Frameworks.
  • Fully managed registration service.
  • Bid Planning.
  • Tender Submission Reviews.
Ordering and Invoicing

Step 3 – Execute

Convert your status as a supplier into profitable contracts

  • Train your sales staff.
  • Put tender response processes in place.
  • Identify suitable projects.
  • Provide specialist sales, marketing & PR support.
Termination Terms

Step 4 - Support & Review

Support & Review what works 

  • Special Enterprise Package offering framework listing renewals, 20h of phone consultancy, events, webinars, access to online training and much more.
  • Help with strategy review – What works what doesn’t?
  • New market and new service lines support.
  • Admin support.
  • Other time based consultancy.

Some of our brilliant clients

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