We understand the public sector procurement process from start to finish.

Our 3-step process is designed with the single goal of getting you to win profitable public sector business. You can receive help on one particular step or you can opt for our services that cover each of the steps!


Onboarding Processes

Step 1 – Advise

Is the public sector the right strategic move for your business?

Who is your target market and what are their problems?

What problem is your solution solving and how to communicate it?

Our Advisory Services:

  • CIO Surgery (Webinar with our Local Services Expert Jos Creese)
  • Bespoke Expert Workshops (Product review and discovery workshops)
  • Listing Reviews
Buy For Government

Step 2 - Execute

Are you a supplier on a government framework?

Do you have an effective public sector Sales and Marketing strategy in place?

Do you have an effective PR strategy?

Our Execute Services:

  • Framework listings
  • PR Discovery Plus (Workshop & campaign delivery)
  • Setting up a Public Sector Sales and Marketing strategy (Bespoke expert workshop)
  • Marketing & Messaging review (Bespoke expert workshop)
Termination Terms

Step 3 - Support

Is your strategy working?

Are there any other new markets or sectors you should consider?

Do you understand the frameworks you are on?

What’s the best way to buy your service?

Our Support Services:

  • Managed framework services
  • Procurement consultancy
  • Bid reviews
  • Online Training
  • Onsite training

Some of our brilliant clients

  • WiFiSpark
  • Brandwatch
  • ICT Revolutions
  • everbridge
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  • Ascertia
  • Commsworld
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