What is it?

This Dynamic Purchasing System is for fibre optic infrastructure and services. The DPS includes dark fibre and lit services which public sector can deliver their network services. The agreement was developed in partnership by the Department for Culture Media and Sports to provide a route to market for building upgrade projects.

The Gigabit DPS is now open for supplier applications!

The Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS uses filters to help buyers find relevant suppliers.

These filters include:

  • Broadband Connectivity Services – gigabit capable internet connectivity
  • Infrastructure Build Services – build of connectivity infrastructure not including services or internet connectivity
  • Managed Infrastructure Services – connectivity access between two specific sites, inclusive of maintenance.

Buyers can also filter by:

  • location
  • accreditation such as Public Services Network (PSN), Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

Advice Cloud had developed sophisticated templates with comprehensive guidance so that it was very clear what information we should gather and how we should answer each question. They quickly reviewed all of our responses and made suggestions on how we could tweak the language so that it would resonate better with the evaluators. Finally they undertook all of the logistics of submitting our responses via, what
can often seem impenetrable, Government procurement systems to the uninitiated.

Tim Stranack, DirectorCommunity Fibre

How can we help?

With our support you can join the new Gigabit framework and start winning business. We have a 100% framework success rate and have recently listed our clients on the highly competitive Network Services 2 framework.

Find out more about our Gigabit support in our service PDF.

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15mpremises to full fibre by 2025
£200mrural gigabit connectivity funding
4.94%UK full fibre penetration