**G-Cloud 9 has been extended by CCS for up to 12 months**

Now in its 9th iteration, G-Cloud has since its inception in 2012 generated sales of over £2.8bn sold . 48% of this awarded to SMEs!

If you have a Cloud based service and you wish to sell to government get listed the G-Cloud framework. G-Cloud is THE place to go… We can help you get there and once you are there we can help you win business!

The framework is an outstanding success story of Public Sector procurement policy in action. It’s also Advice Cloud’s personal success story: our clients are winning some serious contracts.



As buyers ourselves, we know the process well. Listed since 2013, we have so far bought over £50m+ worth of services through the Digital Marketplace.

We have been successfully listed on G-Cloud every time, our submission works and has brought great success to our business.

Jonny SawyerEnterprise Sales at Brandwatch

With over 80 years of public sector procurement experience between us, we can call ourselves G-Cloud experts. We know the public sector buyer inside out.

Our G-Cloud Support Services:

Designed for suppliers who:

  • are  listed on G-Cloud but have not made any sales yet
  • have had some success but are looking to get more out of it
Support ServiceDescription
G-Cloud listing reviewYes there are things you can change even after the G-Cloud application window is closed! Our team of experts will go over your G-Cloud listings with a fine-tooth comb and give you valuable recommendations. Your listing is the first thing buyers see. Let's make it the best it can be.
G-Cloud Experts bespoke workshopMeet with one of our top experts face to face for a half day G-Cloud strategy review and planning workshop. The workshop will be tailored to your organisational needs. Choose to meet with: Tony Singleton OBE, Jos Creese or Dave Briggs.
"Win with G-Cloud" bespoke workshopA full day dedicated to exploring your G-Cloud efforts. We will tell you how the framework works, review your listing on the day, help you develop your keywords, look at your spend and much more. Plus we will follow it up with a full report to get you on your way to winning G-Cloud business.
CIO Surgery with Jos CreeseStart drafting your sales and marketing strategy with former CIO and CDO Jos Creese. This service includes a 1h one to one call as well as a tailored recommendation report.
Pitch to TonyIn this 1h long call you will get to pitch your service to the person who designed the G-Cloud framework Tony Singleton OBE. Find out if he would buy your service based on your pitch. And more importantly get tips on how to improve it. The service also includes a full report as follow up.
PR support serviceDelivered by our partner MantisPR this bespoke package offers you a chance to plan an effective PR strategy and execute a 3 months long PR campaign. Get your G-Cloud service in the media and in front of buyers.
"G-Cloud Essentials for Suppliers" online training courseSuccessful vendors know G-Cloud inside and out! Find out how the framework works in theory and practice. From the basics of public sector procurement to a practical demo of how buyers go about buying a service, this course is an excellent resources to help you get that first sale. It's online so you can access it wherever and whenever you want, and learn at your own pace.
Our G-Cloud support services are designed to with a single purpose: to help you win government business on G-Cloud.


We found the CIO Surgery with Jos invaluable. His feedback was enlightening and insightful. Based on Jos’ feedback we adapted elements of our approach and strategy to the G-Cloud marketplace, we are now starting to see improved results.

John SamuelsiSYSTEMS

Our G-Cloud Listing and Fully Managed Services:

Designed to help suppliers get listed but also provide them with a fully managed service, if they wish so.

If you are looking to get listed don’t wait till the last moment! You can sign up for these services at any time and our fully managed services can help you immensely in the lead up to G-Cloud 10 opening for applications. For example work with Jos Creese to find your ideal public sector market and lets tailor your upcoming listings to fit their specific needs.

Light touch Framework access services
Standard Plus
Fully managed service
Fully managed service for those with a large number of listings
• G-Cloud service(s) submission

• Registration on DM portal

• All background questions answered

• Submission prep webinar

• Submission templates - compliant with CCS & GDS requirements

• Advice and consultancy on key word submission for search
• G-Cloud service(s) submission

• Registration on Digital Marketplace portal

• All background questions answered

• Submission prep webinar

• Submission templates - compliant with CCS & GDS requirements

• Advice and consultancy on key word submission for search

• Post-award webinars on next steps & success planning

• Online training version of our 5* rated 'Welcome to G-Cloud' course

• Regular networking events

• Account management including unlimited email support

• Phone consultancy. Help your prospect buyers use G-Cloud or help with call-off contracts, for example

• MISO submission support

• Update and resubmission to next iteration of G-Cloud within a 12-month period
• all the services provided in our Standard Plus package but special discounts on volume.
***We provide a guarantee for all our framework listing services. We will refund you in full for an unsuccessful submission, should we be at fault***

Download the detailed guide to our G-Cloud services. 

A bit about G-Cloud…

G-Cloud (RM1557ix) is a procurement framework where your services are made available through a front-end Catalogue on the Digital Marketplace. It is divided into 3 Lots:

  • 1 – Cloud Hosting
  • 2 – Cloud Software
  • 3 – Cloud Support

For the uninitiated, check out our Best practice guides and LinkedIn series. You can find lots of helpful tips on listing, marketing and selling.

Watch out for G-Cloud 10, opening some time next year!

£2.8bn =the value of sales through G-Cloud to the end of December 2017

of which 48% was with SME providers.

In the first 6 months of 2017, we have helped our client secure over £10m of public sector contracts.

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