Over the years, Advice Cloud has seen what goes into successful, Large and SME sales strategies and have developed services to help others understand public procurement, seamlessly enter the public sector market and win contracts.

Our individual services can work as standalone options to plug your gaps, or we can provide a complete, end-to-end solution that spans the procurement cycle.

Advice Cloud Procurement Support

Pre-Procurement Support

The forgotten piece of the puzzle! Early market engagement is critical for Buyers to find solutions that offer good value for money and suppliers that can create social value. As a supplier, if you aren’t involved in pre-tender market engagements, you will be missing out to your competitors who are.

To do this well, you’ll need:

  • Public sector pipeline development: access to strong pre-procurement information on a daily basis
  • Go to market strategy development: understand your target market and how to reach the right people
  • Value proposition development: get your messaging right so it resonates with public sector
  • Thought leadership content strategy and creation: whether it’s creating a content plan for public sector readers, or content writing support, marketing communications for public sector is a critical stage to building awareness of your solutions
  • Coaching and mentoring: ongoing sales support, marketing support and someone on hand to guide you!

Procurement Stage Support

It’s important to be listed on the right routes to market so that Buyers can access your services efficiently and with reassurance that you meet certain standards.

To be buyable, you’ll need:

  • Framework submission support: understand tender evaluation criteria and submit competitive bids to get listed
  • Winning Bids: our bid review services, bid process management services and government proposal support will help you to win contracts
  • Winning Pitch practice: feedback on your tender presentations and solution pitching before the real thing
  • Call-off Contract consultancy: understand the reality of government contract clauses and reduce delays to starting work

Post-Procurement Stage Support

So you’re listed on frameworks and starting to engage with public sector Buyers! Our post-procurement support services can support your teams to keep the ball rolling.

To stay informed, you’ll need:

  • Ongoing procurement mentoring and procurement advice: Questions? Blockers? We’re here to help.
  • Framework training: no matter the framework, we can run a half-day session so your team knows exactly how it works.
  • Framework management: we can handle the burden of MI Reporting and monitoring re-listing requirements
  • Independent Procurement Advisor services: do your potential Buyers have queries or concerns about frameworks? A call with us can help.
  • Call-off Contract drafting support: a non-legal draft of the essentials to save you time and money.

Advice Cloud are a one-stop shop for Suppliers selling to public sector – navigate public sector procurement and devise a winning approach to winning business!

Advice Cloud’s support has enabled Commsworld, securing very important placements on key frameworks, but this is only the start. As we continue to expand across the whole of the UK and into other Sectors, we will be adopting more frameworks in order to maximise our reach to an ever growing list of target clients.
It goes almost without saying that we will continue to utilise Advice Cloud’s services and expertise.


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