Are you thinking about applying for G-Cloud or other Govtech frameworks? Do you think your technology solutions would be perfect for the public sector but are not sure where to start? Unsure how to engage with a notoriously tricky public sector market? Or maybe you are already working with the sector and need some extra support? Our procurement specialists can help!

Over 80 years of combined experience to share

As experts of public sector procurement from both the buyers’ and the suppliers’ side, we know how the process works, what public sector organisations value, and the requirements and standards they have. Our Sell to Public Sector services are designed with the single goal of supporting you to win profitable public sector business.

Our unique insight into the public sector market coupled with our vast knowledge of procurement means we can accurately advise you on what frameworks would be a perfect fit for your business. We also know just how daunting the process can seem and understand that it can feel even more intimidating for smaller businesses who don’t have the in-house tender experience. That’s where we come in. Our passion is working with SME’s!

Since working with Advice Cloud we’ve been able to land some substantial public sector deals. We repaid the cost of the service in no time at all.

Naomi TrickeyDirector of Sales & Client Services at Brandwatch

Procurement specialists and technology framework experts

We are proud to say that we have achieved a 90%+ Quality Score on all frameworks we have responded to so far on behalf of our clients. But we don’t just get suppliers listed, we also help them at every stage of the procurement cycle.

Our services include:

We work on frameworks such as:

If you’re seeking support for a technology framework not listed on our website, do get in touch. We’d love to chat about how we can help you make the most of any route to market and see how we can support you with your procurement journey.

565+ services listed across all frameworks.

with 71% of our clients being SMEs.

We have helped our clients secure £808m+ cumulative business across all frameworks.

Some of our brilliant clients

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