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What makes TePAS different from the rest?

The second iteration of Technology Products and Associated Services (RM6098) opens for supplier applications in February. So what makes it worth going for?

TePAS 2 is expected to open for applications in February 2023. The framework has come a long way from the original Technology Products agreement, expanding to include associated services. This latest iteration of the framework has been expanded yet again to make room for various other technology products, allowing buyers to procure these products and services all in one place. So let’s take a deeper look at why suppliers should use this framework to sell to the public sector – starting with who does qualify to use it.


Who is the TePAS framework for?

TePAS 2 is for technology product needs (hardware and software) and all associated services. This agreement will offer the same range of products and services as the current TePAS agreement, with changes made following market engagement feedback.

Buyers on this agreement include Central and Local Government, Education, Health, Criminal Justice, and Defence.


The advantages of the TePAS framework

A simplified procurement process

The TePAS agreement aims to simplify the customer experience, especially for ‘technology as a service’ needs. CCS created this to allow associated services to be bought at the same time as products, for example, managed IT service desks, saving time and effort for both suppliers and buyers who now avoid having to run multiple competitions. The simplified further competition option for this framework, based on price only, can also help you reduce timescales and increase efficiency.

This will all be available via a catalogue for TePAS 2. Following the original TePAS framework and other tech frameworks, feedback has highlighted a like for the catalogue function; therefore, CCS has agreed to include this functionality. Alongside this are other functionality enhancements in progress, such as bundles, an increased number of software products, bespoke quotes, price breaks and volume discounts.


Greater range of buyers

TePAS 2 offers the same scope as the original TePAS but also combines other technology products frameworks such as EdTech and Technology Online Purchasing Content. This follows supplier and buyer feedback, wanting a way to procure these products easily and all in one place. Therefore, CCS is consolidating a large majority of the technology frameworks. So, while other frameworks may be suitable for your products too, you’re more likely to find buyers seeking your product from almost all public sector departments on this framework!


It’s SME-friendly

When this framework first came about, half of the 39 suppliers were SMEs! This was a great turnout, and CCS are continuing to adapt the agreement to make it far more SME-friendly. For example, the final Lot in TePAS 2 will be for lower-value products and orders, creating a lower barrier of entry for SMEs.

CCS are continuing to adapt TePAS to make it far more SME-friendly. For example, the final Lot will be for lower-value products and orders, creating a lower barrier of entry for SMEs. There is also talk of Direct Award being available across the whole framework, providing this can still align with procurement regulations. Both direct award and further competition are likely to be in there.


A greater focus on social value

Social value and how to measure has been a focus in procurement for a number of years now. Customers want to know the manufacturers are performing ethically, and the monitoring of this has become a requirement in many routes to market. CCS are continuing the development of the relevant schedules and monitoring of issues such as modern slavery. Social value will be a focus throughout the duration of the TePAS framework, with themes relevant to current government PPNs and social value themes:

  • Fighting climate change
  • Tackling economic inequality
  • Equal opportunity
  • Wellbeing


Focus on sustainability

TePAS 2 will enable sustainability by providing end-to-end services for the lifecycle of technology products. For example, buy; upgrade; maintain; and recycle. CCS highlighted the importance of buying sustainably in TePAS, but there wasn’t enough emphasis on this area. The 2 options to do this through TePAS were buying remanufactured or refurbished, and leasing or buy-back. The availability of circular IT and sustainability will be pushed a whole Lot more (quite literally) in TePAS 2. Sustainability will be assessed across all Lots, with a specific focus in Lot 7.


So, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider listing on TePAS 2 when it arrives in February.

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