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Why Get Listed on Technology Services 4?

Explore the benefits of getting listed on the upcoming Technology Services 4 framework for growth in the public sector.

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, visibility and connectivity are key drivers of business success, especially for tech companies. One of the most strategic moves a company can make is to get listed on prominent procurement frameworks, such as Technology Services 4 (TS4). It is expected to open later this year, offering a huge opportunity for tech suppliers to enhance their market presence. If you’re still contemplating whether to get listed, here are a few reasons to make the move.


1. Broaden Your Reach

Listing your business on TS4 instantly broadens your reach. A wide range of public sector bodies use the Technology Services framework. It is largely used by Central Government departments, with HMRC, MoD, and Home Office being big users of this route to market. That’s not to say there aren’t a fair number of contracts coming from the health sector and local authorities, too! On Technology Services 3, Tussell identified 294 individual call-off contracts associated with the framework. This adds up to a whopping £3bn in total – that’s huge! By showcasing your offerings here, technology suppliers can significantly increase their chances of attracting new business.


2. Network and Collaborate

TS4 is not just a great way to gain business through public sector contracts – by joining, you open doors to networking opportunities with other tech businesses and professionals. The partnerships that may arise from this can help you offer more comprehensive solutions to your clients. Are there companies that are winning business via the framework that you can connect with or partner up? It creates supply chain opportunities.


3. Gain Credibility

Getting listed on TS4 is no small feat. It involves a rigorous selection process that assesses your company’s capabilities, financial health, and track record. Successfully getting listed not only boosts your company’s chances of gaining contracts but also serves as a testament to your expertise and reliability. It signals that you are a legitimate and recognised player in the tech industry. This recognition can be a powerful tool in marketing your services, not just to the public sector but also as a mark of quality to private sector clients.


4. Technology Services 4 Provides a Competitive Edge

Being listed on TS4 puts you in an exclusive club of technology service providers. It differentiates your business from competitors not on the framework. This competitive edge is crucial in a crowded market, helping to attract more business and build a strong reputation.

The previous iteration of the framework had no cap on the number of suppliers, although applying was not necessarily easy. It ended up with over 250 suppliers. With half of those being SMEs, it caters to those who may usually get fewer opportunities!

On the other hand, you can assume that your competitors are applying for a place on the framework too. So if you don’t bother, it’s likely you’ll be missing out on the business they’ll be eating up.


5. Cost-Effective Marketing

Effective marketing can be costly, especially for startups and SMEs. Listing on TS4 is a cost-effective way to promote your business. It offers a platform to showcase your services to a targeted audience without the hefty price tag associated with traditional marketing channels. Being visible online can also enhance your visibility in search engine results.


6. Technology Services 4 Simplifies the Sales Process

TS4 simplifies the sales process, making it easier for public sector organisations to find and procure your services. The framework’s design emphasises transparency and simplicity to eliminate the usual complexities of government contracts. This means shorter sales cycles, less administrative burden, and a clearer path to revenue for listed providers.


The benefits of getting listed on Technology Services 4 are clear. From opening up a significant market for your services to enhancing your brand’s reputation and simplifying the sales process, TS4 offers a unique and valuable platform for technology service providers aiming to grow their presence in the public sector. Whether you’re looking to expand your client base, showcase your expertise, or gain a competitive edge, TS4 provides a pathway to achieve these goals. Start the application process today and unlock the potential of public sector opportunities.

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