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Mobile Voice and Data Services FAQs

As part of the government’s Mobile Services initiative, the Mobile Voice and Data Services framework is expected this year.

We’ve been looking out for the Public Sector Mobile Service framework for quite some time now. However, after expecting it this year, we’ve had some changes to the agreement. Crown Commercial Service has refined the proposed route to market and come up with a new Mobile Voice and Data Services framework instead. Meaning the originally planned Public Sector Mobile Service PIN has been retired.

CCS is still pushing a programme of Mobile Services for the public sector and looking to create usable vehicles to procure these solutions. So, this is where this new agreement comes into play. What do we know about it? Here’s some info…


What’s it for?

As we said, this proposed framework has a lot similar to Public Sector Mobile Service we were expecting before. With that framework now removed from CCS’ pipeline, this looks to be taking charge for the services.

As you’ve probably guessed from its name, the Mobile Voice and Data Services route to market will be for the provision of mobile voice and data services. As well as associated hardware too. CCS recently outlined the proposed Lot structure:

  1. Mobile Voice and Data Services Catalogue – 5 suppliers.
  2. Mobile Voice and Data Solutions – 10 suppliers.
  3. Telecommunication Audit and Health Check – 3 suppliers.
  4. Professional Services – those who pass the threshold.

Lots 2-3 will include further competition. However, the possibility of Direct Award will be available for Lot 1 (it being a catalogue-style Lot), as well as 3 and 4.

As you can see from the number of suppliers predicted for each Lot, this one is going to be competitive. So suppliers should really get prepared and understand what is required of framework applications like these.


When will we see Mobile Voice and Data Services arrive?

CCS are now expecting the framework to open for submissions in early August 2022. This is a new date given, as it was originally expected in 2021! This could be down to it being highly linked with CCS’s other flagship telecoms framework, Network Services 3 – which also opens for applications this year.

They want applications to close in September 2022, with an aim to award the framework in December.


What can suppliers do now?

First of all, get involved in the crafting of this agreement. CCS are actively calling on interested suppliers to attend their events (here) that will help shape it.

On top of that, you can express interest by emailing the contact given in the PIN. This way you can be on the radar for any updates, including key engagement events.

Lastly, make sure you’re putting this into your strategy. Prepare for it to arrive for applications and doubly make sure you can utilise getting listed. Agreements like this usually have competitive applications and are capped, so ensure you’ve got the time mapped out to apply.

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