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G-Cloud 13 Pricing 'Do's and Don'ts'

We’ve taken a look at what suppliers should be doing to make sure their G-Cloud pricing is compliant, clear and buyable.

On the flagship G-Cloud framework it’s important to make sure your pricing document is up to scratch! Here are some common Dos and Don’ts we recommend when you come to putting together your G-Cloud pricing.



  • Firstly, less is more. Obviously, you don’t want to make it too vague, but you need to make sure that buyers will be able to easily calculate the total cost without having to consult extra links or documents.
  • Give examples – this immediately makes your pricing document easier to understand.
  • Include any Educational discounts you provide – if relevant, by including, this could give you the edge over another supplier.
  • Provide an SFIA rate card – this allows you to detail your day rates for consultancy work which may need to be issued within any contracts you receive through the framework. This is also Key for Lot 3!



  • Have inconsistent currencies; stick to one currency throughout. If you chop and change it will make it very difficult for a buyer to gauge how much your service costs.
  • “Pricing on request” – This is a BIG no-no, as it will reduce the chances of suppliers being capable of directing awards to you! It will also be going against the transparent nature of the framework.
  • “£0-£0” – This can be massively off-putting and can affect the buyability™ of your listing!
  • Make the contract period longer than the terms of G-Cloud. This can be confusing to buyers and also isn’t allowed!

It is also key to bear in mind that your prices are fixed at the point of tender on G-Cloud. Prices can be lowered once the framework goes live, but you cannot increase them at any point during the lifetime of the framework.

We hope this crash course into what you should do to make a great G-Cloud pricing document is useful. With applications for each iteration coming in yearly, it’s something to make sure you’re doing right ahead of getting your applications in order.

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