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The most common pricing mistakes on G-Cloud

We’ve looked at a lot of listings on G-Cloud – good ones, ok ones and some downright terrible. Here’s how NOT to price your service on the framework.

We compiled a list of the most common pricing mistakes on the G-Cloud framework and why they should not be made. So, let’s talk money…

Not uploading a SFIA Rate Card onto your G-Cloud listing

We bang on about SFIA rate cards all the time to our clients. A SFIA rate card is a government issued standardised template that allows suppliers to supply their day rates for consultancy at various levels of seniority. If you do offer additional support or consultancy then upload one, what have you got to lose?


Pricing on request

This is a just a big fat NO. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again it isn’t allowed and contradicts the terms of the framework. G-Cloud is meant to be a transparent framework where buyers have access to all the information they might possibly need to make a decision – including the pricing!

Not outlining all G-Cloud costs or any…

I mean this one should have been a no brainer but alas we still come across the following on G-Cloud…

G-Clod 10 pricing




Of course, suppliers should have included their costs! Not having clear pricing on G-Cloud can put buyers off and make them want to look elsewhere.

The best pricing documents on G-Cloud 10 are the ones that plainly lay out the costs for the product or services, implementation and training. Examples are also a great way to help a buyer out, especially if what you are offering is a bit techie for the average procurement bod to understand.

Currency all over the place

We understand that it can be difficult for international suppliers to price their services to the pound on G-Cloud – as the front-end minimum and maximum pricing doesn’t have the functionality to change the currency. But, within your pricing document, if you prefer to price in dollars then keep that consistent and price in dollars throughout. You could even add a line that states ‘the pricing issued is based on the current exchange rate of xxxx*.

Don’t forget the discount

A lot of suppliers on G-Cloud, especially first timers, don’t realise that you can give discounts on G-Cloud. Yes you can offer discounts but they need to be detailed within your price book and available to ALL buyers and not just Bill from X government department.

Most suppliers offer volume discount so it’s definitely worth including it if you do, and it might give you the edge over another supplier.

The pricing document has always been a sore spot for suppliers, the guidance really is minimal and of course it’s your decision how you price your service. However, best practice is to make sure that anyone looking at your listing could get an understanding of what it costs to buy your product. To test, give the document to a different member of staff and see if they can figure it out – if not then it’s probably not as clear as it should be!

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