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CCS AI and Automation Framework FAQs

The new AI and Automation framework from CCS arrives for applications in May 2023. Here’s everything you need to know.

The newly announced AI and Automation framework – known by its code RM6201 – from Crown Commercial Services (CCS), is one we’re very excited for. There have been several routes to market for providers of this technology before, namely G-Cloud or the AI & Automation DPS. However, this is the first time they’ll get their own framework. Yes, buyers can procure similar services through these already established agreements, but having a more specific route for a dedicated scope gives public sector buyers more ways to procure. As we always say, incorporating more relevant frameworks into your strategy helps boost your success.


How will the framework work?

The framework is for the wider public services. This means central government, local authorities, the health sector, education, and more. It will have an application stage, where interested suppliers will have to prove they can hit the criteria – and then agree to the standards and compliances. This makes procurement quicker for both parties down the line.

We don’t know the specific ins and outs just yet, CCS are currently in supplier engagement and getting ready to put together the finer details.


What’s in scope for the CCS AI and Automation (RM6201) framework?

The planned Lot structure has been released by CCS. However, this is only provisional and can change. They’ve outlined the technology as:

  • Lot 1: AI Consultancy Research & Support – consultancy and discovery work around automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Lot 2: Augmented decision making – this includes software that makes recommendation for processes.
  • Lot 3: Automation – software that can reduces manual repetitive tasks. They have given the examples of processing transactions or consolidating information.
  • Lot 4: Natural Language Processing – chatbots, machine translation and voice recognition solutions, and more.
  • Lot 5: Imaging and Computer Vision – this plans to include analysis of X-rays, image restoration, etc.


When does AI and Automation (RM6201) open?

The framework was originally expected to arrive for applications in May 2023, but has been delayed. CCS haven’t updated the open date, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for announcements. As always, we’ll update here when we know.


What should suppliers do now?

The AI and Automation framework will continue to be in supplier engagement throughout October 2022, as per their pipeline listing. So interested suppliers should start attending any events associated with the framework. CCS will be keen to get insights from providers who want to use the route to market, and it’s a good way for you to get networking too.

Make sure you’ve got everything in order to apply. There are a few frameworks coming up that we’re excited about (Network Services 3, TePAS2, Digital & Legacy Application Services), so you might have to plan around these if they’re relevant too.

Consider extra support. Here at Advice Cloud, we offer framework listing support services. With a 90%+ average quality score across all routes to market we’ve applied for, we know what it takes to get listed. Find out more about our framework listing support here.

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