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3 things you can change about your G-Cloud listing

Within each iteration of G-Cloud, suppliers can go in and change certain aspects. Why should you and what can you change?

The Public Procurement Gateway is the new base for G-Cloud and where Buyers will be searching and evaluating their desired solutions.

Suppliers need to be Buyable. With everything that makes up a listing, suppliers really need think about what they can change, update or improve, to make sure they’re coming up as results. We call this G-Cloud Buyability™, and here’s what suppliers can change to improve theirs…


Service Descriptions and Features & Benefits

This is the front-end text that displays on a supplier’s listing on the Digital Marketplace. It gives a concise and valuable overview of the product or service. Suppliers are able to update this information or edit it to make it more reflective of what they provide. So, if the listing is not appearing in relevant results, or there are updates to the product or service, suppliers can amend it.

As with any aspect of editing or making changes to a G-Cloud listing though, suppliers CANNOT materially change the service or product. This basically means it can’t be changed to a completely new offering. It has to remain the same thing that buyers can procure. You can even change the Service Name too if needs be!

Also on this front is the service’s Features & Benefits. These detail the key aspects of the solution, as well as what it can deliver for buyers. In short, they’re bulleted lists and they are also searchable by buyers on the Digital Marketplace. They’re quick, easy go-tos for the Buyer to see what it offers.

Suppliers can amend these during the G-Cloud iteration’s lifetime. As above however, editing these can’t make material changes to the listing. Changes can only be justified if they update or amend the listed service or product.


The Service Definition

There’s a few important docs to a supplier’s listing, as you probably know. For one, the (mandatory since G-Cloud 12) Service Definition! Suppliers can edit this and update as required. Which is a very useful thing to know. This document is what buyers will look through for a more in-depth look at how a supplier’s service will work. It’s basically what will help buyers choose the service to procure.


Your G-Cloud listing’s Pricing

Lastly, suppliers can also amend their pricing document. However, it’s very important to note that prices can only be lowered, permanently or as a ‘sale-period’. If you think you’re missing out to your competitors because of your pricing being that little bit higher, you may want to consider this (if possible).

Crown Commercial Service make it very clear that suppliers CANNOT raise their prices during a G-Cloud iteration. So, if you need to do so, you’re going to have to wait until the next iteration.


So should I edit my G-Cloud listing?

This is completely up to you! With the delay in G-Cloud 13 opening for business, you may have some changes you need to make already. Pricing might not be the same, or there possibly are some changes to your delivery. If that’s the case then it’s definitely recommended to make some amendments.

It’s also important to think about whether your current listing is able to be bought, can suppliers find you in the searches and get the info they need to make an informed decision be found on your listing. Make sure it’s buyable, compliant and up-to-date. If you’re not appearing in the right searches now, you’ll want to be making changes anyway for this extra year.

Now is definitely the time to start looking at the Buyability of your G-Cloud listing!

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