What to expect from your G-Cloud listing review

Since 2012, Advice Cloud have facilitated over £344m+ of business through G-Cloud, with our clients amongst those winning the biggest contracts. With our expert knowledge and experience, we can turn even the worst G-Cloud listing into a success.

The Listing Review service is perfect for those who are either – listed on G-Cloud but have yet to make any sales; or have had some success but need help achieving more. The Listing Review service includes:

  • An assessment of your Service Summary – are you optimising the space you have here?
  • A ‘Search Check’ – are you appearing in the searches a potential Buyer would perform?
  • Supplementary Documents review – are your pricing documents clear and easy to buy from? Is your Service Definition compliant?
  • Listing Presentation check – are your listings presented in a way that will gain maximum advantage for your services?

Your listing is often the first thing that a Buyer will see – a listing review from Advice Cloud will make your listing as good as is possibly can be.


The benefits

With a combined experience of over 80 years in the Public Sector buying arena, we understand the buyer’s perspective in depth. The G-Cloud Listing Review from Advice Cloud will ensure that your services are appearing in Buyer’s searches, that your listing is fully compliant and easy to buy from, and that the space in your listing is optimised to be as effective as it can be. With professional guidance, advice and support throughout, we will ensure that you are making the most out of being on G-Cloud.

For more information on how we could help you get the best G-Cloud listing that will achieve results check out our G-loud Listing Review Service Pdf. 

Advice Cloud supported us in reviewing what we had done already on G-Cloud and improving our listing. With their guidance we managed to change the format and the language used to make it more buyer friendly. We are now much happier with the quality of our listing and are able to utilise it better with our prospects.

Tony Graves, Head of MarketingTLM Nexus
£344m+cumulative business won on G-Cloud by our clients so far
6% of total £5.19bn+ spend awarded to our clients
269individual Public Sector bodies have bought our clients' services