Now open for supplier applications The Spark DPS or Technology Innovation Marketplace has an estimated value of £20m in its first year, increasing to £50m in its third year! The DPS will have a filter system to help streamline the buyer journey.

Suppliers to this DPS will need to demonstrate that they can provide at least one new or innovative technology for one or both ‘Radical’ and ‘Disruptive’ Innovation.

Subject areas include:

  • Corporate: Finance, HR, Customer Service, Facilities, Data
  • Transport: Rail, road, air, maritime
  • Defence: army, airforce, navy
  • Health: diagnostics, treatment, prevention
  • Local gov: Waste management, planning, social care, licensing, citizen engagement, electoral
  • Police/justice: prevention, prediction, evidence gathering, protection, custodial
  • Education: learning outcomes, testing
  • Environment: mapping, agriculture, fisheries


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