Understanding the Frameworks

In public sector procurement, a framework is a list of preferred suppliers. These suppliers have already agreed to a common set of terms, making it quicker and easier for buyers to source the services they need.

Case Studies

  • G-Cloud

    RM1557 G-Cloud is the contractual vehicle for the UK Government to buy Cloud Related services/solutions and associated services. Now about to enter its 7th iteration with over £800m of sales and a projected run rate of £500m per annum by the end of this fiscal year, G-Cloud is THE outstanding success story of Public Sector procurement policy in action.

    With over 88% of the 1800+ suppliers listed on G-Cloud being SME’s inc 45% of the Top 50 earners G-Cloud has become the place to go to sell & buy Cloud related services to the Public Sector.

    For the uninitiated G-Cloud is Framework with a Catalogue front end on the Digital Marketplace. The framework has four lots

    • Lot 1 – Infrastructure as a Services (IAAS) – usually compute capabilities, storage, managed hosting etc
    • Lot 2 – Platform as a Service (PAAS) – usually on demand application build systems including leading Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla & SilverStripe
    • Lot 3 – Software as a Service (SAAS) – usually on demand software packages such as Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Finance, ERP etc etc
    • Lots 1-3 are defined by Crown Commercial Services as needing to meet the NIST criteria here
    • Lot 4 Specialist Cloud Services (SCS) – gives a contracting authority the ability to quickly engage with appropriate Cloud related consultancy and support services and is the most popular lot for suppliers and spend.

    The application process and contractual terms have been designed to make it easy for an SME to apply and get on to it. However this has led to some suppliers complaining of a lack of business opportunities. We feel that this is due (in the main) due to lack of application & understanding rather than a fault in G-Cloud.

    G-Cloud 6 is due to expire in February 2016 will probably be extended up to 6 months so that suppliers on the framework can apply for G-Cloud 8 in about March / April 2016 time. G-Cloud 7 is expected to go live on the 23rd November.

    Advice Cloud has a long history with G-Cloud as we have been buying from it (see our Buy Side Services) from v1 in August 2012 and have so far bought over £5m worth of G-Cloud services through the digital marketplace. We have been listed ourselves on G-Cloud since v4 in November 2013.

    Our services are geared towards making a success of G-Cloud by using that buyer knowledge to assist our clients get to grips with how G-Cloud works and how buyers buy. We ensure your response is optimised for the search process and that you can be found and more importantly that your services can be bought compliantly. Advice Cloud are immensely proud of their 100% success rate in this listing So confident are we of getting your company listed that we offer a no listing, full refund guarantee (subject to terms of course).

    We have an enormous amount of knowledge to share on G-Cloud, the Digital Marketplace and Public Sector procurement in general. If you need help with the G-Cloud tender process please get in touch if you wish to find out what we can do for your business.

  • Digital Outcomes & Specialists

    Previously referred to as Digital Services 3, is a new and improved contracting vehicle that allows UK Public Sector buyers to commission digital teams to compliment & assist their own internal teams deliver new digital services. The framework is released on a 9-18 months cycle and is due to be live in February 2016. It is estimated to be worth a maximum of £40m GBP per iteration and current published spend places that at around £30m with 61% (£18.5m) of that awarded to SME’s.

    DOS is to be broken into 4 broad categories: Digital Outcomes, Digital Specialists, User Research Studios, and User Research Participants.

    Advice Cloud has experience of winning places on this framework and we are running events in around what it means in practice to the SME business and how to structure your bid to ensure a place on it.

    Advice Cloud has experience of winning places on this framework and we are running events in around what it means in practice to the SME business and how to structure your bid to ensure a place on it.

    Please contact us if you would like some more information or help on how to apply to Digital Outcomes and Specialists.

    For a deeper background read our blog post here

  • Consultancy Two

    RM3745, Consultancy TWO is the planned replacement framework for Consultancy ONE (RM1502) a UK wide contracting vehicle that allows the UK public sector to procure a range of Management Consultancy services. As you would expect the larger Consultancy firms including the Big Four and other Tier one firms are well represented across all disciplines.

    Successful SME firms are a little thin on the ground on C1 mainly due to the size of the contracts traditionally offered (£100k-2m) with over 90% of the awarded contracts to date going to Large firms.

    However thanks to the drive to place 25% of government business to SME’s there is a genuine case to open up the new iteration to a G-Cloud style marketplace. In their recent note following Market Engagement CCS even state that this is being considered as an option.

    The competition for C2 is due to reopen in October 2015 and CCS are already engaging with buyers to see what they think of the potential structure of the new ITT.

    The C1 contract is split into the following Lots & Sub lots.

    Lot Description # Suppliers / SME
    1 Multi specialism Programme Delivery 20/5
    2 Management Consultancy
    2.1 Policy & Development Advice 20/8
    2.1 Organisational Strategy 20/6
    3 Functional Advice & Support
    3.1 Change Management PPM 15/12
    3.2 Human Resource Management 15/8
    3.3 Procurement 10/6
    3.4 Information & Communications Technology (ICT) 15/8
    4 Finance
    4.1 Corporate Finance & Financial Strategy 15/3
    4.2 Investment & Banking Services 10/1
    4.3 Finance Operations Support 12/3
    4.4 Economic Analysis 10/2
    5 Audit
    5.1 Internal Audit & Advice 10/1
    5.2 Other Assurance & Advice 9/0
    5.3 Financial Audit & Investigation 10/2
    5.4 External Audit & Advice 9/1

    If you interested in how being part of this £2bn framework could assist your business grow please contact us on the below and / or sign up for updates on our blog here.

  • Network Services

    RM1045, Network Services is a recently awarded contracting vehicle that allows UK Public Sector Buyers to buy a wide range of telecommunications related solutions. The current (and first iteration) of the framework was awarded in July 2015 and expected to go live on the digital marketplace in August 2015. The Framework comprises 10 lots plus an ability for a company to provide agency services on behalf of Public Sector organisations.

    Network Services is expected to have a life of 2 years with a potential spend value of up to £2bn.

    The contract is split up into the following lots:

    Lot Description # Suppliers / SME
    1 Data Access Services 26/15
    2 Local Connectivity Services 25/18
    3 Traditional Telephony Services 25/11
    4 Inbound Telephony Services 24/6
    5 IP Telephony Services 26/18
    6 Mobile Voice & Data Services 19/3
    7 Paging Services 7/1
    8 Video-conferencing Services 25/8
    9 Audio-conferencing Services 17/4
    10 Integrated Communications 25/10

    In addition organisations are able to procure Network Services on behalf of Public Sector organisations via the Agency Services route. This is in the main is supplied by the traditional public sector Telcos & Systems Integrators.

    Whilst the Network Services framework has a two year lifecycle (with the option to extend for up to a further two years) due to the extended time period for responding to this framework market engagement is expected to start at some point early in 2016.

    Advice Cloud has a 100% success rate in getting our clients listed on this framework. Please contact us for more information on whether this is suitable for your business and how we can assist.

  • Advice Cloud provided invaluable help and advice to us throughout the G-Cloud submission process. They were always professional, diligent and focused on the job in hand. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Chris and Advice Cloud to anyone considering selling services into the public sector.

    Mark Jenner

    Fastnet International, Sales Manager

  • I am extremely satisfied with the work Advice Cloud performed and will certainly recommend your services to my network. Since working with Advice Cloud we’ve been able to land some substantial public sector deals, helping to repay the cost of the service in no time at all.

    Naomi Trickey

    Brandwatch, Director of Sales & Client Services

  • We used Advice Cloud to guide us through previously unchartered territory for us in G-Cloud applications. The service we received was engaging, proactive, thorough and professional and we would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance navigating Government frameworks.

    Michelle Holloway

    Point to Point, Sales Director

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