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What you need to know about the Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework
What you need to know about the Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework

Information about the new framework Digital Outcomes & Specialists aka DOS has recently been released. DOS will be replacing the Digital Services 2 platform which attracted some criticism within buyer and seller circles.

Something to bear in mind, and that the GDS has sought to remind us, is that this is not simply just a reiteration of DS1/2 but a new framework derived from feedback and reviews from users.

From our understanding, the changes that have been implemented means that the DOS is now a much better platform for both suppliers and buyers to use. We see that the Digital Outcomes and Services is much easier for buyers especially to navigate, as some of the stumbling blocks that were in place in DS2 have been removed.


The DOS, as it stands, is split into 3 main categories:

1. Digital Outcomes

Suppliers in this category provide services as a solution. They research, test, design, build, evolve, retire, etc., a digital service for a buyer. We can see that services must still comply with the phases set out in the Government Service Design Manual ( Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live and Retirement phases) and work in an agile manner.

2. Digital Specialists as a Service

The expertise of the supplier is the service being offered in this category; therefore people. For example designers, technical architects, web ops, and various other roles. You can find guides and resources for these roles at

3. User Research Studios and Participants

These valuable resources are provided by the supplier in this category. However this group might splinter into two separate ones at a later date. This category allows customers to undertake vital research into their user needs, which is the first point in the Digital Service Standard list for government services.


In addition, contracts should also be much simpler in the Digital Outcomes & Services in comparison with DS2. GDS & CCS has made a huge effort to translate most of the jargon into plain, understandable English. So with these points in-mind we see that DOS has a G-Cloud style application process, which continues to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews.


As mentioned before the types of services being sold on the Digital Outcomes & Specialists framework have to comply with the GDS service design manual and services must still comply with the list of 18 criteria (as of June 2015) specified in the Digital by Default Service Standard (


As far as we, at Advice Cloud, are concerned the changes made to DOS are beneficial to making the process more intuitive and useful to both buyers and sellers. What's more we have experience with winning places on previous incarnations of this (as well as G-Cloud) and have a guaranteed listing service that is extremely valuable in getting listed on the Digital Outcomes & Specialists s framework. We provide support in structuring your bid so it’s compliant and assist you with any issues that may arise during the application process.

So contact us now for more information on how you can get a place on this exciting new framework
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