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Still time to turn things around

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Still time to turn things around

Final words on our G-Cloud best practice guides. No matter where you now see yourself on the G-Cloud Maturity Model, there’s time to make key changes for G-Cloud 9.

A final recap

REMEMBER: Getting your service listed on the Digital Marketplace does not mean your service is compliant and capable of being sold. This is the first, common misunderstanding. There is no detailed vetting, just simple validation. The consequence is that over 50% of vendors can’t EVER make a sale. Don’t be one of them.

The G-Cloud Maturity Model

Get Compliant

Successful vendors are compliant with the Framework.

Take a careful look at:

  • Pricing
  • Terms & conditions
  • Lot listings

Get optimised 

Successful vendors have a number of positive attributes that unsuccessful vendors don’t.

Think about:

  • Your service definition document
  • Whether you should be ISO27001 certified?
  • Where could you improve your operations and standards to support sales?

Get marketing 

Successful vendors have given thought and consideration to their listing, and invest in marketing.

Ask yourself:

  • How easily you can be found through your service summary, features and benefits?
  • Does your service definition document list all your service’s functionality, and does it sell you?
  • Could you be easier to do business with?

Get selling

Successful vendors stimulate the market and actively sell in a number of ways to suit their target audience.

Get out and about:

  • Listen to public sector pain, learn the language of the market and use it
  • Use content marketing, social media, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and events
  • Create content for the trade press, and give potential clients useful content such as case studies, white papers and webinars.

 Should you re-apply for G-Cloud 9?

If you applied through a previous version of G-Cloud and have had no sales, then it’s time to listen to Einstein: it’s insane to repeat the same thing and expect a different result. Make improvements, apply for the new iteration, and consider retiring your G-Cloud 8 listing. Only a week left till G-Cloud 9 closes so you better hurry up!

If you havent already please check all four parts of our G-Cloud best practice guides:

1. Get compliant

2. Get optimised

3. Get marketing

4. Get selling

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Published by Advice Cloud under licence.

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